Sunday, May 23, 2010

Yoshi's Dedication

Time is really fast, i did not notice that Yoshi is already 6 months now.. i still remember the day he was born.we were so excited!
Today May 24, 2010 is my baby's dedication. He is exactly 6 months and when somebody 's asking me what is the name of my son , i said "yoshi", a lot would say, "is his father Japanese?", i would answer no, it's just that my husband is an ANIME addict, i would say..

I'm working today but i asked permission to my boss if i can take a half day in my work cause i need to check the preparations for Yoshi's Dedication. It's a simple ceremony with close family and relatives and a few neighbors from our street but a memorable one for all of us. Since Yoshi came into our lives, it's easy for us family to gather and spend time together because of this bundle of joy who always puts all of us in a smile even how tired we are from work..

It's a gift and a blessing to have a baby in the family.