Friday, June 25, 2010


It was 3PM when I received a call from my sister in our office telling me that my son Yoshi has a fever. I told her to give him paracetamol Calpol. I wanted to go home immediately to be with my baby. If only i could pull the time so that it would reach to 5PM by then, i could make my way home.

The fever left him but at 3AM, it came back. My husband and i gave him paracetamol. We haven't slept until morning. I just held Yoshi in my arms until the sun rose up. Cycy and i prayed for Yoshi's healing. In the morning, i brought him to his Pedia, he was diagnose with enteritis but Thanks be to God it's just a mild one. He got treated and after the check-up we went home. My heart is aching seeing my baby sick. Thanks be to God for his angels guarding Yoshi day and night.

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