Sunday, July 4, 2010

Noy's Inauguration

Noynoy's inauguration was a very successful one. Through the Quirino Grandstand entrance by the historic Manila Hotel, guests got out of their luxurious vehicles, most with security escorts, and walked towards the barricaded VIP seating area. From celebrities to the richest of the rich, and the ones that fall somewhere in between, they came to witness history unfold.
Most women wore beautiful floor-length Filipinana dresses and did their best not to melt amid the sweltering heat. Almost all of the men wore barong Tagalog, though there were some who came wearing only a bahag or loincloth, which is the traditional garment up north.

Despite that, you could feel everyone’s thrill. When the presidential vehicle arrived, cameras of all kinds and megapixels documented every bit of it. PNoy arrived with PGMA, then the former president left in her own private vehicle, taking nine years of governance along with her.

Vice President Jejomar Binay’s electric jeepney was a scene stealer. He was driven from the Manila Hotel to the stands which took all of two minutes, but he stayed put in the front seat as he waited for his turn to go up the stage.

When it was President Noy’s turn, the crowd was absolutely ecstatic as a fresh new chapter was being written. When two helicopters flew by and dropped yellow petals, it was as if we were showered with optimism.

President Aquino’s speech captivated the nation and made everyone feel encouraged with the dawn of a new era, a period where change will be implemented and not merely wanted. It was a speech that was honest and moving.

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