Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Yoshi's vaccine

Yoshi got his two shots of vaccine last Saturday. One for HiB and another one for Flu. my sister rovs can't stand to look while his pedia slowly inserted the syringe each one to his thigh. My sister said that was the first time he saw Yoshi cried like that! It's like giving all of his strength when he cried because it was painful for a baby to received a shot like that. I told her been used to seeing Yoshi cried like that everytime he got his vaccines. But to be honest, i can't stand to look on Yoshi's face while he was being shot by a needle. Even me, I'm still afraid of a needle even though been used to got it while giving birth to yoshi through C-section.

After that, together with Ate Claire and his baby, Kaegan went to SM and have them photographed by Lito Sy. It's like nothing happened to Yoshi because he's back on his feet being a happy baby and a vigorous one. Thank you Lord!

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